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Guardian Build Guide: Shout Support/Hammer/Staff

January 13, 2014 - 7:29pm -- Lee B.
Guild Wars 2 Guardian Build

In this guide we look into utilizing the Guardians shouts with their potent trait Altruistic Healing to make a very tough and supportive roaming Guardian. Primarily this build is about assisting point holders or catching and keeping enemy attention long enough for back up. This build has ways of providing you every boon under the sun while shrugging off conditions and damage like it's no big deal, so it also translates incredibly well to WvW and PvE. With hammer you'll have okay damage but incredible control, and staff can further support that control or provide you utility through healing and speed. 

Please Note:  This build can be used in PvE by building Knight's armor and trinkets.



Capable of surviving massive amounts of punishment

No huge bursts of damage

Transfers very well to PvE and WvW

Can be seen as a very selfish build

Remains a very flexible build for varying play types

Vulnerable to boon corruption

Incredibly useful for tournament play 


Guild Wars 2 Guardian Build

Please Note:  “Save Yourselves!” can be replaced with “Stand Your Ground!” for a much faster stun breaker and to synergize more with Altruistic Healing. Hallowed Ground can also be replaced with Wall of Reflection to handle range better, or Purging Flames for another condition removal.

Please Note:   Lyssa runes can be replaced with Soldier's for more survivability and more condition removal if you need it. 

This build is about churning out the boons, providing healing and damage support to your allies and finishing it up with solid condition control. Practically everything you do is made to support everyone around you in some shape or form.  When with a roamer, or surrounded by party members as you head to the boss of a dungeon, you will be providing much needed survival and boon power to your allies.

The core of this build is truly all about the boons. Your Altruistic Healing is too good not use fully utilize and this build makes absolutely certain you do so. Your shouts are dropping boons on allies, your attacks are made to spread boons or provide yourself boons end even Hallowed Ground is made to give you even more boon duration and a constant reapplying stack of stability and stacks of might with your blast finisher.

Remember. You are a support character with this build. You can hold a point for a short while, but not all day and certainly not for long in a situation that pits you against multiple foes; and while you have damage you certainly aren't made to solo push anyone off of anything. You're there to be the pushing point, and the back-up. If you are doing something solo, or greedily, you're doing this build injustice. 

Roam with your roamers, bunker with your bunkers and most importantly make sure you are never alone. Not that you can't handle a little bit on your own, you just aren't making absolute best of your skill set if you aren't working in coordiantion with someone. Case in point? How can you heal enough if you aren't taking advantage of Altruistic Healing?

In almost all cases keep your hammer out. It's your control, your damage and your main source of protection through the auto-attack. On top of this whoever you are with will love you for your retribution stack or might stack through your blast finisher. Staff is mainly for a quick healing boost for yourself or whoever you work with, on top of a little bit of control. Don't use it for a ranged option unless you absolutely need to.

Your elite is also a unique case with this build. Not only is it the standard invincibility and Virtures refresh, it also offers you a complete condition wipe and a set of boons for each condition wiped. Absolutely amazing if you "Save Yourselves!" first and then break into your Elite to not only tank damage but purge it all from everyone around you. Top it off with Pure of Voice you're purging any new conditions that come up, too!


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If you use 6 Superior runes of the soldier, each shout will remove a condition. So I use 3 shouts with this build for ultimate condition control.