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Ranger Build Guide: Bunker/Trapper

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February 10, 2014 - 8:01pm -- Xerin
Guild Wars 2 Bunker Ranger

In this guide we present to you a specific ranger structured PvP build or as it's commonly known, the bunker/trapper. The purpose of this build is to not only withstand a great deal of damage for long periods of time but to also act as a point defender (thus the term bunker) who is capable of surviving multiple targets attacking him for a reasonable length of time. What makes this build flexible is the fact that it also deals a lot of damage through the pet and conditions while also providing the ranger with near constant regeneration. It should be noted that there are inevitably many variations on the ranger bunker build and this one was developed by myself after many hours in structured PvP. 

Ranger Bunker Positives and Negatives



Capable of long-term survival against multiple foes.

Vulnerable to excessive conditions.

Excellent at point defense.

Death of your pet cripples you with a lack of damage and condition control.

Deals a high amount of DPS through pets and conditions.

High learning curve.

Great for solo or team tournament play.

Failing to use skills correctly will leave you vulnerable.

Ranger Bunker Equipment

Ranger Bunker Gear

Please Note: You can swap out the Shaman’s stats for Carrion to give yourself a bit more damage output while retaining some survivability.

Ranger Bunker Traits

Ranger Bunker Build Traits

Ranger Bunker Skills

Ranger Bunker Skill Bar

Ranger Bunker Pets

Ranger Bunker Pets

Please Note: You can swap the Raven out for the Fern Hound or Brown Bear to give yourself more survivability via Regeneration or more condition removal.

Why This Ranger Bunker Build?

The Ranger’s Bunker build is one of the core builds for a Ranger that utilizes the class’ high amounts of evasion and conditions. If you manage to use your abilities at the appropriate moments, you will have a near limitless amount of sustain. With this your team can capitalize on you to either assist in the point you’re holding, or move to another point knowing that you can hold ground enough to distract your opponent.

The conditions and traps of this build is where you will really cut your edge out among all the differing Bunker builds. You have the unique position that you aren’t just a distraction, but also have a rather decent output of damage to scare off your opponents. Your traps can take up a full field of a capture point, and generally nobody wants to stand in those AoEs. Even moving away they will find it hard as you lay on ranged attacks via shortbow or your pets.

Truly this build’s lacking point is knowing exactly when you need to use a certain skill. Many times I found myself knowing if I hadn’t used my heal just beyond the point and therefor outside my regeneration range, or finding that I should have swapped to my sword just a tad bit later. You truly can cripple yourself if you aren’t careful and know exactly the battle you’re trying to fight.

Ranger Bunker Skill Rotation

  1. Always set your traps up in the direction you know your enemy is coming from.
  2. Start in shortbow and pepper them with Crippling Shot and your auto-attack.
  3. As they close in to hit the traps, hit them with a Poison Volley.
  4. Concussion Shot as they try to cleanse out of the conditions.
  5. Swap to Sword/Torch and drop your Bonfire.
  6. Follow up with Throw Torch.
  7. At this point they will decide if they want to fight. If they fight pop Rampage As One.
  8. Go into melee and Serpent’s Strike.
  9. Lay on auto-attacks until your traps go off cooldown.
  10. Drop traps, again, then swap to shortbow.
  11. Hit with a Quick Shot, and then repeat above.

Revision History:

  • 02/10/2014 - Complete overhaul of the page to fit into the standard for all our build guides. Updated traits and skills to reflect changes made to them since the guide was published.


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Submitted by AJ (not verified) on

This guide is amazing! I would absolutely love to see more guides of this caliber, or maybe some of the other guides edited to be like this one. The descriptions of all the traits is phenomenal, mainly because I barely know anything about the classes.