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Complete Guide to Guild Missions

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February 26, 2013 - 5:00am -- Xerin
Guild Wars 2 Guild Missions


Guild Missions are designed to provide content that compliments existing PvE gameplay.  In many ways Guild Missions provide a clear framework for guilds to undertake fun activities as a group, as opposed to requiring Officers or Guild Leaders to think of spontaneous activities for their guild to participate in. Guild Missions vary between five different mission types, each of which offers a steep challenge for the guild to overcome, with worthwhile rewards. While the point of entry to unlock Guild Missions might be steep (we’ll cover this a little later on) this content is design to stretch even the largest guilds while most can readily be completed by the smallest number of players.


Guild Missions can be unlocked by spending influence within your guild panel. The first tier of Bounty costs 30,000 influence to unlock (a steep price but certainly one to work towards) with other tiers costing 50,000. Once unlocked, the Guild Mission can be activated for an additional cost of 200 influence per attempt.

It should be noted however that to gain the ability to spend your influence on Guild Missions, you will have had to apply several upgrades within your guild panel to the four categories: Architecture, The Art of War, Economy, and Politics. The complete list for access to Guild Missions is below. 

  • Guild Bounties Unlock:
  • Requires:  Art of War Tier 5
  • Guild Trek Unlock:
  • Requires:  Economy Tier 6 + Guild Bounty Unlock
  • Guild Rush Unlock:
  • Requires:  Politics Tier 6 + Guild Trek Unlock
  • Guild Challenge Unlock:
  • Requires:  Art of War Tier 6 + Guild Rush Unlock
  • Guild Puzzle Unlock:
  • Requires:  Architecture Tier 6 + Guild Challenge Unlock

Where you are successful in completing a Guild mission and in this case Bounty, you will be rewarded with a new guild currency known as Merits. Merits are then used, alongside further influence, to unlock additional tiers of Guild Missions or for additional Guild benefits.

Complete Guide to Guild Missions

What does benefit smaller guilds is the fact that Merits are fundamental to unlocking higher tiers and are restricted to a set number you and your guild can earn each week. The key here is the fact that larger guilds can’t just use up all their influence to buy their way into higher tiers, they have to earn them through Merits which don’t come easy.

Guild Missions

As stated in our overview, there are a total of 5 Guild Missions, each distinctly different. You should also be aware that there are no Guild Mission activities in any of the Orr zones due to ArenaNet wanting to breathe new life into quieter zones. Hurrah!

Guild Bounty

Your guild is tasked with tracking down and capturing various targets for the Orders. These people are wanted for a variety of reasons. The clues provided by the “Guild Mission” tab are incredibly cryptic, with the entire game world (with the exception of Orr) a potential location. The key is to quickly discover the location, though this in many respects is like a needle in a haystack, before intercepting and killing the individuals. With a timer of 15 minutes to find two bounties in the first tier, it’s a tough call. What will be key here is map and game knowledge but also communities working together to quickly find and publicise where NPCs are located.

Where many people might think “Oh well eventually, it will be on Wiki anyway” this is inevitably true, but ArenaNet have implemented such a huge navigation path to the NPC’s that you could spend 15 minutes searching an entire zone, even when you know they are there. In addition, the Bounty you get every time you activate the mission is random, adding another spanner in the work..

The break down of Tier difficulty is as follows:

  • Tier 1 – 2 enemies within 15 minutes
  • Tier 2 – 4 enemies within 15 minutes
  • Tier 3 – 7 enemies within 15 minutes

In the image below, you’ll see an example of one of the bounties. Trillia Midwell wanders just outside of Ebonhawke and like all the bounties, is a Champion in rank.

Complete Guide to Guild Missions

There are a total of 15 Bounties to participate in.

Guild Trek

Guild Trek involves the Tyrian Explorer’s Society setting your guild a challenge; to find the list of locations before time runs out. Unlike the other Guild Missions, this is arguably the easiest as it simply involves finding a location within Tyria. For those that have map completion, it makes life incredibly easy and as a result, the Guild Mission bares the lowest number of merit rewards.

There are a total of 150 Guild Treks to participate in.

Guild Challenge

Your guild is tasked with taking part in a Guild Challenge, in what can only be described as a bloody difficult event. Similar to all other Guild Missions and once activated, you will need to find the location of the challenge, before activating it (highlighted on the floor of the event by a shield symbol).

One guild challenge, undertaken in Iron Marches to the south of Champions Shield, sees you and your Guild having to defend a series of supply barrels within an abandoned fortification, against the Flame Legion. As the event starts and the repairs of the turrets surrounding the derelict fortress begin, the Flame Legion will begin to flood in from all sides. It’s your job to kill them as quickly as possible, while protecting the supply barrels.

Complete Guide to Guild Missions

There are a total of 6 guild missions to complete and they scale according to the number of people participating. Even with the best gear available and downscaled to level 60, the Flame Legion in this particular Guild Challenge are incredibly tough to kill so it is absolutely key to work together and coordinate tactics before you start.

It should be noted that this event has never been successfully completed, even by internal testers and developers and although we lasted for a long period of time (4 minutes remaining) we still failed multiple times, even with ArenaNet on hand to help.

There are a total of 6 Guild Challenges to participate in.

Guild Rush

Guild Rush uses real world locations, as tracks, to test you and your guilds skills over terrain, traps, and other hidden dangers. For the Guild Mission to be successful, you will have to cross the line with a certain number of your guild members, within the time limit. To make the challenge more difficult and because the content isn’t instanced, the locations you participate in are still inhabited by the enemies of the zone who will readily attack you, just as they normally would.

If that wasn’t hard enough, you have to pass through all the markers (similar to competitive Skiing) to qualify for the reward at the end. Along each track there are power-ups that you can collect which provide swiftness or regeneration, though you can still receive boons from those not participating. Lastly, participation is always determined by you and your guild being transformed into another creature or object, such as a chicken or bear which provide their own limited set of skills.

It is up to you and your guild to decide who transforms and participates, but the key to success is undoubtedly having some of your guild remain in their physical form so that they can accompany and buff you along the track, as dying when transformed will send you right back to the start.

For a successful rush, the number of those needed to cross the line varies but can be as much as 15 people. Where guilds have far fewer members, they are free to run the tracks multiple times in order to complete it, just be sure to pass through every marker!

There are a total of 6 Guild Rushes to participate in.

Guild Puzzle

The Guild Puzzle requires high levels of group coordination to overcome a puzzle as well as jumping challenge. Unlike the other challenges, these really lend themselves to five players participating but are difficult due to limited time you have to complete them (30 minutes).

One particular Guild Puzzle set in Brisband Wildlands, beside Gallowfields Waypoint, sees you and your guild enter Proxemics Lab. Once inside you first have to locate batteries amongst hidden treasure to unlock the sealed door, while trying to avoid Skritt who are intent on stealing it from you, before navigating several jumping puzzles. After this, there is a physical puzzle that involves control panels and transformation (I won’t spoil it here) before eventually reaching the maze.

Complete Guide to Guild Missions

Similarly to the Guild Challenge, the rewards for completion are the highest but reflect its difficulty both in the coordination needed and time constraints.  

There are a total of 2 Guild Puzzles to participate in.


Complete Guide to Guild Missions

First and foremost, the rewards for completing Guild Missions are generous. Not only do they have a chance of dropping a precursor for everyone in the guild who completes them (we can only assume it replaces one of the two items you're rewarded with) but they also provide 50 silver, 2 Commendations (another new currency) and two rare weapons or armour (though loot tables suggest this also includes exotics). The potential then, once you have all five Guild Missions unlocked at all tiers, is to earn over 4 gold per week and 12 Commendations (I don’t believe Trek offers Commendations). In addition to this, your guild will also be rewarded with incremental Merits based on the tier of Guild Mission you are participating in.

  • Bounty – (Tier 1) 15 Merits, (Tier 2) 20 Merits, (Tier 3) 25 Merits
  • Trek – (Tier 1) 5 Merits, (Tier 2) 7 Merits, (Tier 3) 10 Merits
  • Guild Challenge – (Tier 1) 30 Merits
  • Guild Rush – (Tier 1) 15 Merits
  • Guild Puzzle – (Tier 1) 30 Merits

Where your Commendations are concerned, these can be exchanged at the vendor in Lions Arch for various items. From exotic backpacks (Yes!) to guild banners and ascended items. At a cost of 12 commendations for an ascended item, the opportunity to obtain them couldn’t be easier.

Complete Guide to Guild Missions


  • Guild Missions become available after your guild has upgraded the four categories within the guild panel, to a certain level.
  • Guild Missions cost 50,000 Influence to unlock and 200 influence to activate.
  • Higher tiered Guild Missions can be purchased with further influence and Merits (awarded from completing Guild Missions.)
  • Merits are awarded on a tiered basis and are a natural limiting factor due to how many you can earn in a week, preventing large guilds unlocking all tiers instantly from influence they may have stored.
  • 2 Commendations are awarded to each individual who completes a guild event and can be traded for items from the new vendor in Lions Arch.
  • Further rewards for completing a Guild Mission include two rare items or higher and 50 silver.
  • Precursors are part of the reward loot table for completing a Guild Mission.  
  • Having World Completion is a huge benefit when participating in most of the Guild Missions as Waypointing quickly to far flung locations is a must.
  • Working together is paramount to successfully completing Guild Missions, as without it you will fail.  


Ayelet's picture
Submitted by Ayelet on

Reading through this it sounds as if they've set the difficulty bar very high.  Not in just being capable of completing the content but even just finding the content.  I've been so looking forward to this, and I am cautiously optimistic, but I'm afraid of it being an exercise in frustration rather than fun.  I want a steep challenge, but I don't want to create failures for my guild.  

Is this going to turn into, "This guild can't even complete a challenge, you all suck, I'm leaving?"  

The article certainly leaves me with that type of fear.

Yski's picture
Submitted by Yski on

Considering dungeon explorables were considered very difficult prior to the launch I'd say it's only a matter of time before these are completed more often than failed. 

I like the idea of having something that actually requires coordination to complete. Pity my computer suddenly realized it shouldn't be able to run gw2 and decided to stop doing it, properly anyway. That, and the fact I have so little time to spend playing anyway that joining a guild would feel like cheating.

Every single forum I've used to spread anti guardian propaganda has subsequently died out on me. Coincidence? I think not!

Lewis B's picture
Submitted by Lewis B on

I won't lie - they are bloody hard. But, this was playing with people who have never played together before. I'm confident my guild and I could do most of it within two attempts. 

UncommonCalibur's picture
Submitted by UncommonCalibur on

It makes me a little sad knowing that my small guild of 5 or 6 friends won't be able to participate in this as we will probably never have 30k influence. If we want to do this we will need to merge ourselves with a larger guild.

Ayelet's picture
Submitted by Ayelet on

Don't merge, just play along.  Keep your guild and never give it up for anything!  

I know that my guild welcomes people who have other main guilds, and we'll also be welcoming guilds who want to play missions along side us because theirs aren't built yet.  Right now we have every tier maxed out and 130,000 influence in the bank and this is with a guild that generally has 20-40 people log in during the course of a day.  Granted, we do a lot of things, even map clears, together which earns us more influence than just a conglomerate of people playing separately but still...  I wouldn't consider us a large guild by any means.  

I understand the pride in a guild that the sense of belonging gives to people.  I definitely understand the disappointment in not being able to run these things for yourself right off the bat.  I know you want to finish a mission for YOUR guild and not someone elses.  But don't give up your guild because of it.  There are options to that.

Rifa Black's picture
Submitted by Rifa Black on

my question is can i party up with someone whose in a guild to complete these tasks and get the rewards?

100% Glass Canon - Shoot first, ask questions later.

Rhage659's picture
Submitted by Rhage659 on

This is terrible for my guild. We won't even be able to access this content due to small numbers. Having to stock pile influence for months on end just to start a mission we don't have the numbers to finish isn't really an idea of fun. I've spoken with multiple other small guild leaders who were very happy to hear about this addition, It sucks to know that this won't apply to any of us. Thanks for ousting everyone that's not in a massive guild ANET. This is very disheartening, and is unfortunate to hear.

kofrederick's picture
Submitted by kofrederick on

This is great and all for those guilds who do nothing but recruit. I am in this to play not recruit. Make stuff to where if you only have one other person to play with you can do stuff. My guild is very small less then 10 and we are never all on at the same time. I will not "schedule" play time just to do this. 

The Wine's picture
Submitted by The Wine on

I am wondering for those small guilds, IF the effects of the new challenges will be allowed across guilds. (you are not limited to one guild in GW2).  I think that the requirement to represent might have an affect. Small guild with larger guild, friends who will represent your guild etc. I hope that ANET will allow this solution to work. (Yes im in one of the large guilds that does not just recruit, we play for fun and don't mind working with others. Army of Lightness - Blackgate.)

BlueLion's picture
Submitted by BlueLion on


I can say that this is possible to obtain through influence even in 5 man guild.

Events are good source of influence. Two man party in WvW for one caravan get 20 influence. So for camp+2caravans and guard near You can get 80 influence. Just look on Influence count and learn where and how to get it.


PostScriptum: Numbers could change due updates

Ayelet's picture
Submitted by Ayelet on

I have a few questions if someone might be so good as to answer them:

1.  Will players from other servers who are currently guesting and representing our guild receive personal guild mission rewards or only dynamic event rewards?

2.  Can the Guild run several different guild missions of the same type to achieve the maximum merits for the week?  Can I run the Guild Bounty tier 3 and the Guild Bounty tier 4 in the same week and receive merits on both up to the 50 point maximum?

3.  When does the week reset?  Is it 168 hours after running the mission or is it at a specific day/time the way that dailies and monthlies reset?

4. A VERY hypothetical question...  I kick off a bounty but due to many people being in the zone (think Wayfarer's Foothills right at the moment) the champion is dead, killed by random people in the zone, by the time my guild party arrives...  Do all members of the guild who are currently representing get the personal rewards, or do you have to throw a few punches at the Champ to get the rewards?  

5.  The screenshot above shows one of the bounties and gives a very good description of where to find her.  Does that description arrive before or after the 15 minute clock starts ticking?  Are we able to get guild teams to the proper zone before the mission starts?

Thanks for this write up and I hope I can get some clarification.



Ian Smith's picture
Submitted by Ian Smith on

I may be wrong about this but I believe that Tier 3 Bounty only has 6 bounties to go after.  Least, that was all we had to find last night in our two attempts.  Also, that is what list.

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Submitted by packArcaceKat (not verified) on
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