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Cursed Shore Karma Farming Guide

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February 23, 2013 - 5:06am -- Xerin
Guild Wars 2 Karma


In this Cursed Shore Karma farming guide, we highlight the optimal route you should take when circling Cursed Shore and if you follow the principals we laid down in our Fastest Way to Farm Karma guide, this method should see you earn a significant amount of Karma in a very short period of time.


1. Ensure that you have all your +Karma modifiers active (Karma Booster, Ice-cream, Karma Banner and Guild Economy Tier 4 Upgrade). As these buffs provide 75% extra Karma, a single event will yield around 680 Karma.

2. Guest onto a “Very High” capacity server. Doing this ensures that events trigger constantly.

3. Equip a swiftness skill or movement signet. Without one or both of these, navigating between events can be a slow and laborious process (that increases the likelihood of you needing to waypoint). If you’re one of the games professions that have a movement signet, you’re in luck as this makes combing the Cursed Shore incredibly quick and easy.

4. Have at least 20 silver. I say 20 on the basis that you may need to use Waypoints regularly, which can cost as much as 1 silver per jump. Completing events and looting items should allow you to break even, but it’s a good idea to have some funds ready.

Route Planning

The choice as to where to start in the Cursed Shore is entirely your own, but my best recommendation would be start in the middle. Meddler's Waypoint (number 5 in the image below) is a good location to begin as it is central to several repeat events that trigger constantly. In many ways, the best course of navigation is to then follow a sort-of figure of eight, up and down the main shore land, avoiding Cathedral of Silence over the water (number 8 in the image below).

The reason why I say avoid this location (which leads to Grenth) is that in terms of efficiency, it's very time consuming. The Waypoint if you die is far away, or often contested and the surrounding area is littered with risen. While taking part in the Grenth event can be fun, it's very long winded and all too often ends in failure. Below and highlighted in orange are the seven locations you should regularly visit, by following the 8 pattern. 

1. Defend Priory Explorer Plinx: As a meta event offering 4 stages, which follows the northern coastline, Defending Plinx is actually quick and painless. All you need to do is escort her in her Golem as she makes her rounds. 

2. Defend Penitent Waypoint: A simple and common defensive event. Risen will continue to attack the Waypoint for a short period of time which you must defend. The most difficult part of this is actually "tagging" enough risen to abide by my 75% rule. Once you've reached this, you should leave if others are easily clearing it. 

3. Defend the Pact Camp at Shelter's Gate: As part of the meta event from (2) above, this event also requires you to defend a single location. The risen tend to come from the southerly and westerly paths leading to the camp, so be sure to drop your area of effect spells there. As per number 2, you don't need to stick around here if you've killed a good handful of risen. 

4. Secure Warmaster Jofast's Camp: Another defensive event that sees packs of risen, and risen gorillas (accompanied by shades) attack the camp in an attempt to steal supplies. The easiest approach here is to simply stand in the entrance, using area of effect skills on the risen as they arrive. You should be aware that some shades will materialize inside the camp to attack the NPC's so be sure to kill them if others aren't. 

5. Champion Ooze & Halla Corpseflayer at Meddler's Waypoint: There are two events here that trigger repeatedly. The first (Champion Ooze) spawns a little north of the Waypoint and the second (Halla Corpseflayer) just south of the Waypoint. Where the Ooze is concerned and if others are already attacking it, just hit it around 6 to 8 times to secure a gold contribution. In Halla's case, this is a protracted event due to many people failing to understand it's concept. In simple terms, Halla will be attacked constantly by a huge number of risen. The longer you kill these risen, the longer the event will go on for. All players should be doing is killing a handful of risen to secure your gold contribution and then letting Halla die (so the event ends). Unfortunately, players insist on killing the risen before they can harm Halla (this is easily done as she has a huge amount of health) meaning the event goes on and on.

Due to this, just attack 10 to 15 risen and leave the area in search of other events. Moving on from this event quickly allows you to find out other events but still allows you to secure the full Karma when it does eventually end. Don't get sucked into continually killing the risen (as tempting as it is!)

6. Gates of Arah: This is a large and prominent meta event which involves 7 stages. The most common stage people encounter is the last where the Pact need to hold the Gates of Arah. If the event is at the stage, you're in luck as you can simply Waypoint in and attack the risen. The only lengthy part of this meta event is the very first, where players have collect scrap metal for Dexa. If you're on a Very High capacity server (as you should be!) it's still relatively painless. 

7. Captain Rotbeard & Megaladon: You can find Captain Rotbeard in the bowels of the abandoned boat where the skill point is located with the event easily completed with four or five people. It's definitely worth announcing on /map chat when he appears as people sometimes forget both he and Megaladon are there. Megaladon is a giant shark that spawns in the water just to left of Rotbeard's boat. All you need to do here is keep Megaladon at a distance, ensuring you dodge his charge. 

Please Note: It should be stressed that these are not the only events in Cursed Shore. This route of "8" up and down the Cursed Shore coastline will expose you to a multitude of other, less common events. The purpose of this path is to guarantee you encounter events with the above 7 being the most common that I have encountered. 


  • Ensure before beginning your Karma farming that you have all the preparation in place, this includes the Boosters and funds necessary. 
  • The figure of "8" path, up and down the Cursed Shore is a guide for events that commonly appear in or a little outside its radius. 
  • Visiting the 7 key locations marked on the image above will ensure you encounter events. 
  • Cursed Shore has a significantly great number of events than those listed above and you might find on your server that some trigger more than others. 
  • Don't forget to ask in /map chat for help, or to ask where events are. This is what your money is for - to quickly Waypoint nearby!


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Looking at the tittle, my first thoughts were "Cursed Karma Farming Shore"

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Events don't chain quickly but ty anyway ;)