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Legendary Weapons For Engineers

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February 21, 2013 - 5:04am -- Xerin
Guild Wars 2 Engineer Legendary Weapon

As an individual who loves engineers but dislikes the fact that weapon skins aren’t available for kits, its always been frustrating to stare at the same weapons you wield with no prospect of a legendary that ties into the skirmish, tinker-style of the profession, which is partly why I built a legendary weapon for my ranger.

A post over on Reddit shares the exact views I had on what is or isn’t an appropriate legendary weapon for the profession. Also similarly to the original poster, I have a Ghastly Shield which is so much more fitting than the Flameseeker Prophecies (it is quite possibly the best looking shield in the game).

Like many responding have pointed out, the engineer shoots from the hip with a rifle so the Predator looks ridiculous when its design clearly reflects a sniper rifle (thus lending itself to a Warrior). The Flameseeker Prophecies couldn’t be any more perfect for the Guardian with its blue-hue and radiant pages, leaving the Quip.

In some ways the Quip suits an engineer. It’s silly and random. Yet you have to ask yourself: “Does firing daisies and streamers really suit any profession?”. The answer of course, is no.

Where then, does leave the engineer? Creating legendary kits is far from viable based on ArenaNet saying previously that applying skins to skills would be a huge headache. The only viable prospect of a suitable legendary for the engineer is for ArenaNet to create one or three more (one for each usable weapon).

The one idea I did have for an engineer based legendary weapon was a clock-tower shield. Similar to the gear shield, I’d like to see one that glows gold, has lots of rotating clocks, rivets and springs while making chimes and soothing whirring sounds. It would also be great to see bolts, rivets and gold oil fly out of the shield when the engineer takes damage, as if the shield itself is being harmed. Lastly, the trail behind the engineer could be gold oil and bolts, similar to the Juggernaut.

As far as the pistol and rifle are concerned, do any of you have any fun ideas?


Absimilard's picture
Submitted by Absimilard on

An engineer might create something like a power glove instead of a pistol. It might be a small thing shooting energy/electricity from the palm (I love those) or a large thing on the lower arm that looks like a mini-minigun thing that revolves around the arm as more bullets are loaded into each barrel. It would leave the hand free for the engineer to do other things with their hand, which makes sense.

One thing that I find a little disappointing with the engineer is how the turrets look to be some form of automatons, but they dont do anything.

If we are allowed to fantasize a bit, then I would love for a weapon, or maybe even better, a legendary grenade skin, that let loose small spiders that run across the ground and explode on or do other effects to the target. Would be awesome if I could, instead of hurling grenades, let loose a small army that run out and do damage. A bit similar to what comes out of the eggs of the veteran Karkas, but smaller and clearly robotic..

Semper Dius

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Submitted by chaosgyro on

I remember back during beta a guy put a great idea to the devs to have a trait similar to the ranger's spirits to let turrets move around by turning them into spider walkers.  Still think that would be amazing.

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Submitted by Razor4884 on


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Submitted by Rin Aki on

What about the Redeemer from UT? It could be a new rocket launcher/bazooka kit type with a legendary Redeemer skin.

Order of the Ono & Semper Dius

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Submitted by Sanctus11 on

Let's go crazy here. How about a jetpack ?

Engis have backpacks already. Let's capitalize on them.

I play my engi like a SW bounty hunter and don't like that rocket boots is only a knockdown.

Something outside the box : that's how engineers think.