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Guild Wars 2 Guide to Guesting and Transferring

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February 13, 2013 - 7:34pm -- Xerin
Guild Wars 2 Guesting/Transferring


Guesting is a new feature in Guild Wars 2 that allows players the opportunity to play with friends on other worlds, in the same region, without paying a fee. Unlike permanently transferring (which costs gems and allows you to take part in WvW), guesting still binds you to your “home world”. When guesting, you also cannot partake in World versus World and if you do attempt to participate, you will be moved back to your true home world.


  • Guesting – The temporary movement to another world to join friends.
  • Transfer – To permanently move to another world.
  • WvW – World versus World.
  • Home world – The server you are permanently based on, when you first made your character.


  • Influence you earn as a guild member when guesting accrues to the guild on your home world.
  • When you guest on a world that is high in capacity, it can still result in you being placed on an overflow map.
  • If you want to play WvW for the world you are guesting to, you have to pay to transfer to that world permanently.
  • You may only guest on worlds in the same region as your home world. This means that players on European worlds, cannot guest on American worlds.
  • You can guest on up to two different worlds at once. When you guest onto a world, this is designated as one of your guest worlds for 24 hours. Once this time has passed, you may guest on another.


The cost to permanently transfer to another world varies based on its population. Worlds are marked with population indicators, such as Medium, High and Very High.

  • Medium (500 gems)
  • High (1000 gems)
  • Very High (1500 gems)

Players will need to pay the fee every time they wish to permanently transfer worlds and are only able to transfer once every 7 days.

How To Guest/Transfer

1. At the login screen, in the lower left hand corner, choose "World Selection". 


Guild Wars 2 Guesting


2.  To guest onto another world and when the list of worlds has appeared, choose the one you wish to guest on. Once selected, press the "Guest" button in the lower right hand corner of the pop-up window, highlighted here by a red circle. Having selected "Guest", a pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm your guest status. 


Guild Wars 2 Guesting


3. After confirming you do wish to guest by re-selecting the guest button on the pop-up window (highlighted above in orange) you are now free to play on that server. A small briefcase will then appear next to the worlds name on the world select screen, highlighted below below an orange circle. This icon means you are an allocated guest for 24 hours. If you wish to stop guesting at any time, simply press the "Stop Guesting" button, highlighted by the red circle.


Guild Wars 2 Guesting


4. Once you are guesting onto a server, all you then need to do is ensure it is selected in the list and press "Play" in the lower right hand corner of the character select screen.  You will need to ensure each time you wish to guest, the server you are wishing to guest to is selected before pressing "Play".


Guild Wars 2 Guesting


5. If you wish to permanently transfer that server, instead of selecting "Guest", you select "Transfer". A second pop-up window will then appear, prompting you to confirm your server transfer. Be aware that a gem account balance gem cost to transfer will always be displayed. If you do not have sufficient funds, the transfer box will be grayed out (highlighted here in orange) and you will need to press "Cancel". If you do have the funds, the transfer box is illuminated and can be pressed. To obtain more gems, you will need to visit the Trading Post in game and purchase them.



Wedge7's picture
Submitted by Wedge7 on

Guesting is a great feature, and really rather simple to use. I've already used it a fair amount, to enter dungeons which are otherwise contested on my home world (ie: CoE / CoF). Have people in your team scout out different worlds to see in which one the dungeon is open, then the person starting the dungeon guests to that world and kicks it off. Saves time if you're trying to maximise omnomberry usage! 

Vyntr's picture
Submitted by Vyntr (not verified) on

Can you transfer from eu to us? My friend plays on eu because his friend was there. But now he wants to switch for me.

Kyle's picture
Submitted by Kyle (not verified) on

My question is, let's say I guest on a server (because it is too full to make a character), when I transfer to this server, will my guest character still be there?

Horge's picture
Submitted by Horge (not verified) on

All of your characters are on your homeworld server. When you guest you bring one of your characters to the guest server from your homeworld, and when you quit guesting, you return to your homeworld.