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Guild Wars 2 Trading Cards – Caption Competition!

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February 3, 2013 - 4:46am -- Xerin
Guild Wars 2 Trading Cards

It wouldn’t be surprising to know that we here at Guild Wars 2 Hub love Guild Wars 2. Like any fan, we pine for collectors items to get our real-life hands on. As good as a Collectors Edition copy of the game or Charr plush is, we felt something a little more unique was in order. With that in mind, we set about designing and printing 8 unique trading cards. These aren’t to battle with (we all know the mesmer would win anyway) but are instead designed to be appreciated, safe in the knowledge that only 3 packs were ever made. With one pack destined for the ArenaNet offices, two are left to giveaway to our readers.

Guild Wars 2 Engineer

The cards themselves have been professionally printed, and adhere to standard trading card dimensions and paper weight. Each card showcases one of Guild Wars 2’s professions, complete with the official profession description. Lastly, on the reverse of all the cards is the Guild Wars 2 logo against a white backdrop.

Full Gallery of Guild Wars 2 Trading Cards

The Competition

We want to keep the competition as simple and as fun as possible and having scoured our screenshot folders, found the perfect caption competition candidate. Having encountered this strange fellow many months ago, dancing in the Mists for several hours, we thought to ourselves; “Who better to champion our giveaway!”

Chuck Norris?

All you need to do is provide us with a caption for the image via comments; i.e “Shake’em baby!”. 

The funniest and most original caption will be deemed the winner. 

  • There is no restriction on the number of entries you can make. 
  • There are no geographical restrictions. 
  • The closing date for the competition is 28 February 2013. 

We wish all of you the very best of luck! 

Ten Ton Hammer and Guild Wars 2 Hub would like to send special thanks to Peppermint Printworks for their perfect printing and of course ArenaNet, for producing such incredible concept art.

Please note that to comment, you will need to register with Guild Wars 2 Hub or Ten Ton Hammer. Please also ensure you register with a valid email address so that we can contact you if you’re successful.


dakyy's picture
Submitted by dakyy on

"How much longer do I have to hold this position to make the Widow believe I'm dead!?"

Yski's picture
Submitted by Yski on

"I finally caught the CnD spamming asura!"

Every single forum I've used to spread anti guardian propaganda has subsequently died out on me. Coincidence? I think not!

handmade's picture
Submitted by handmade on

Little did he realize, thargrimms  life was about to change after that drunken moot he would steal a chart tank and the real adventure would begin!

handmade's picture
Submitted by handmade on

Jann's wife was not impressed to find out what Jann got up to when she was out of the house...

handmade's picture
Submitted by handmade on

Much to throngs displeasure 'interpretive dance' was not the best of skill trait to master...

laterality's picture
Submitted by laterality on
"I swear he was their, Zhaitan is a good buddy of I wasn't drunk."

clarkro7's picture
Submitted by clarkro7 on

Oreluck Morris was once bitten by a black widow spider.  After 3 days of excruciating pain, the black widow died.

clarkro7's picture
Submitted by clarkro7 on

"Yo, Adrian!"

Bonsailinse's picture
Submitted by Bonsailinse on

"Hit the Buzzer"

Ether3al's picture
Submitted by Ether3al on

Sacrificing chest armor to go shirtless is only to be attempted by the greatest combatants. If done right, the sun bouncing off of one's unrealistically sculpted pecs can blind entire armies.

Ether3al's picture
Submitted by Ether3al on

"Step right up! He doesn't bite. Oh, I'm not talking about the spider."

Ether3al's picture
Submitted by Ether3al on

"I'm not actually a ranger! Ever heard of snake charming? Essentially the same concept, except that it involves boxing gloves."

Ether3al's picture
Submitted by Ether3al on

"What? No, the arachnid's chill. His name is Xxdominatexx."

Jack_Lafayette's picture
Submitted by Jack_Lafayette on

"Though trouble may follow me, I overcome it with /dance. Beer, my spirit guide, teaches me that there's a time for boogie and a time for disco.

I listen to the music in all situations. And yet, in the past, I've been careless. I failed to bring the twelve kegs my friend Olaf asked of me. It's a party-foul I must correct in the future.

I'm a drinker, and I carry a mug that symbolizes my readiness to get down.

This is my story."

xyrian0203's picture
Submitted by xyrian0203 on

"Steve uses AT&T, he didn't know the flash mob was moved to 8pm.  Don't be like Steve." ~ Verizon

L U L U's picture
Submitted by L U L U on

Maybe he's born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline.

capnbishop's picture
Submitted by capnbishop on

When Chuck Nornis boxes giant spiders, he performs his victory dance first.

Rin Aki's picture
Submitted by Rin Aki on

Jormag won't know what hit him... Seriously, he won't have a clue.

Order of the Ono & Semper Dius

Ether3al's picture
Submitted by Ether3al on

Your enemies can't fight you if they're too busy fleeing in terror.

Bane_Majik's picture
Submitted by Bane_Majik on

"Wax On, Wax Off"

stevebrixius's picture
Submitted by stevebrixius on

Maybe I shouldn't have gone to Lady Gagas fashion designer...

Marrra's picture
Submitted by Marrra on

Norn: "Splish splash, four norn in a bath..."

Spider: It's times like this I wish I was a forest spider, so I could blend in with the grass and hide my shame at being seen with this idiot.

Paulolino34's picture
Submitted by Paulolino34 on

mouse over the pic : "Chuck Norris?"  "- Nop, It's me Santa! " 

Volkon's picture
Submitted by Volkon on

*The designer of the uniforms for the Norn Semaphore Team has been subsequently fired.

Kinelion's picture
Submitted by Kinelion on


Wimoweh, wimoweh, wimoweh, wimoweh
Wimoweh, wimoweh, wimoweh, wimoweh
Wimoweh, wimoweh, wimoweh, wimoweh

In Tyria, the Crazy District. The pimp wins the fight

In Tyria, the crazy's Tyria. Spider streets get worked tonight"

capnbishop's picture
Submitted by capnbishop on

"Just a few more dungeon tokens and I'll have a complete set!"

Volkon's picture
Submitted by Volkon on

Give me an "F"!