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10 Gold Giveaway

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January 7, 2013 - 5:03pm -- Xerin
10 Gold Giveaway

Our first 10 Gold Giveaway was incredibly popular (no surprises there!) and as we're now in the New Year,  it's time for our first giveaway of 2013. We'd also like to say congratulations to CapNBishop who is now 10 gold richer. Although there were dozens and dozens of entrants, I felt his views really aligned with many peoples on the amazing content of Wintersday.

All you need to do this time around is show us a picture of your in game character by uploading your screenshot to Imgur and posting the link in comments, well then pick one winner. We're keen for people to use Imgur simply because it works, is easy to use and allows for lovely albums (if people want to upload more than one image of their character). I should however stress that images uploaded to other sites can still enter. Oh and have a picture of me, although I cannot win :'-(

Good luck! 

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arthaeniaan's picture
Submitted by arthaeniaan on

My ranger charr...very proud of it and the game...been a gw fan since gw1 release.

istolethisname's picture
Submitted by istolethisname on

LAND SHARK!! they do exist!! thought i should post this screen shot of my sylvari mesmer fighting a land shark for the contest. (edited my character's name out for safety)

Omicron's picture
Submitted by Omicron on

Here is my guardian !

One Guardian to rule them all, One Guardian to find them,
One Guardian to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Tyrie where the Shadows lie.

Morphos's picture
Submitted by Morphos on

It's a hard life as a mesmer. Having copies of yourself may sound like a great power, but when you're as stubborn as I am, getting them to stand patiently for a photo shoot in the middle of a fight can be a great difficulty.

This picture is taken with bullets in flight during the final boss-fight at the top of the 'cliffside fractal' on one of my many enjoyable runs in FOTM. It looks across the great landscape, where for just a brief moment everyone was just where they were meant to be as the starting pistol fired.