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December 17, 2012 - 7:14pm -- Xerin
10 Gold Giveaway

No catch.  No skill required.  Here at GW2Hub we're going to be giving away 10 gold every month to one lucky winner. All you need to do is register an account to comment and this month, tell us what you've enjoyed the most about Wintersday.  We'll pick the best answer and send you the money along.  Good luck!

10 Gold Giveaway



Xavori's picture
Submitted by Xavori on

I’ve been pretty meh towards the minis so far. I’m not playing the RNG game for the cash store minis, and the Tixx minis have been either creepy (Princess) or lame.

But the griffon…the griffon is awesomesauce. So as soon as I finished Tixx, I ran back to bank where my trusty mystic forge anywhere toy was stashed, grabbed that as well as the mats to make plushie griffon and NOW I HAZ SUPER CUTENESS OF GRIFFONDOM!

And I’m going to hug him and squeeze him and pet him but NOT name him George. Because George is a stoopid name for a griffon. A griffon needs a powerful name. A griffon needs a name that strikes fear into its prey.

So I’m going with Snugglyclaws….or maybe Cuddlesbeak. No. Definitely Snugglyclaws. That’s an awesome name for a vicious killer like a griffon.

What’s more, Snugglyclaws has inspired me…

Ode to a Plushie Griffon

With mystic stuff and claws of fluff
The beast stands tall and proud
It lifts it beak and gives a squeak
But one that’s not too loud

And Snugglyclaws flies across open skies
Soaring to amazing heights
And as it soars past mountain scores
It seeks out fantastic fights

For Snugglyclaws knows how his glory grows
With each foe he treats rough
With his cuddly toes and his plushie nose
And his body full of fluff

lolcat's picture
Submitted by lolcat on

The things I enjoy the most are the Bell Choir and all the piano talents I met there. Tons of people with the gift to play the piano that play various tunes during game sessions. Also I really love how Lion's Arch is redecorated. Been having hard time in real life and I didn't have any Christmas spirit at all, till I spend some time just walking around Lion's Arch or playing snow ball fights.

retsam96's picture
Submitted by retsam96 on

My favorite part so far has to be the large presents out in the wild that explode, knock you down and release a bunch of nasty toys intent on killing you.  If I see the dolls though, I just turn and run.  Way too many boons on them.

Entombed's picture
Submitted by Entombed on

Actually my favorite moment happened yesterday.  An ArenaNet developer joined my group for the Wintersday Jumping puzzle and we had way too much hilarity.  We would actively taunt him while he would attempt to complete the jumping puzzle.  One of my favorite moments was running ahead of him..pausing..and yelling "YOLO!!!!" and purposefully jumping off a snowflake in front of him.  He of course dies immediately, accusing me of shenanigans.  The group of us there also kept daring him to pick up a snowball, when he finally did, we pretty much chain CC'ed him with snowballs for about 10 seconds.  At the end of it all, we congratulated him for finishing the puzzle, and wished him/her to have a very merry Christmas.

maxberlin's picture
Submitted by maxberlin on

I love the art of wintersday, and the fun a group of random people and I had trying quite unsuccessfully to do the jumping puzzle.

vondamion's picture
Submitted by vondamion on

I was the one who misplaced the missiles box and that was what i enjoyed the most!

eburrow's picture
Submitted by eburrow on

For some reason I absolutely loved having snowball fights with the races in the Grand Plaza in LA. I would choose a target and sneak behind, just to find my face to the floor and some skritt giggling like a mad man behind me xD They way they responded and all the laughing, it's a blast. I always go there when I'm bored and I'll dodge and weave and single people out, so much fun.

Cynnix's picture
Submitted by Cynnix on

My favourite part is the way it draws people back to the game. Also making people do something other than dungeons! Plus Toypocalypse was kind of awesome. ;)

Cadotte91's picture
Submitted by Cadotte91 on

My favourite part is the variation winsterday has to offer that makes guild wars two so awsum! By having things around the world and being random about it to! A crazy fun hard addictive jumping puzzle, pvp like classic guild wars which I love and what i call bell hero! Haha it's made me love holiday gaming. Excellent work arena net 

Ranike's picture
Submitted by Ranike on

Best bit about the Wintersday: unbreakable Choir Bell. It cost me a lot, but it was worth everything i spent on it, and more. Being able to grace the people of Lions Arch with my beautiful music, to gather a crowd with my perfect songs; oh the joy!

seanpez's picture
Submitted by seanpez on

I love seeing presents everywhere! It is such a nice change to the landscape. I like how the dungeon traveled around to different parts of the world and had different features. A lot of effort went into making this holiday a good one to appeal to different styles of people/players. Thank you!

Deletethispart's picture
Submitted by Deletethispart on

I love WvWvW . I'ts so funny to kill people with candy hummer. ^_^ Wintersday suck

capnbishop's picture
Submitted by capnbishop on

For me, the best part about Wintersday isn't necessarily any of the direct content, but rather what the whole event represents to the future of the game.  Halloween was a blast, and it left me asking, "Is this normal?  Can I expect this kind of thing in the future?"  ArenaNet responded with Wintersday and a resounding, "yes!"  Perhaps more importantly, they decidedly improved on Halloween by learning important lessons.  The jumping puzzle, for instance, was made considerably less frustrating in a number of ways.  Gone are the tiny objects that would cause havok on the camera, and irritating cogs that would catch the player's character in unreasonable ways.  The player is still tested, requiring skill and quick reflexes, but they are much less dependent on luck.  Not only that, but they put snowball fights in the waiting area to make the time between puzzle runs go by much quicker.  This is only one set of examples, but throughout the Wintersday event we can see how ArenaNet listened to the community and responded accordingly to improve the whole experience.  This gives me great hope for not only monthly live events, but for the future of the entire game.

firstknight's picture
Submitted by firstknight on

WOW... never thought that each season each holiday GW2 has done something to the world. It feel so alive and interesting to explore.

The wintersday is nothing short of it. It is full of interesting fun games and the new world decoration of the place. The music game is fun. The snowball is a nice fight. The people interaction is great.

There is no dull moment in GW2. OK, have to stop now and continue my GW2 repertoire...

Whatever's picture
Submitted by Whatever on

I appreciate the growth of ANet through just the last few months for Holidays. The crappy back piece can be given to my lowbie characters and just the amount of content that we can only see for a few weeks per year is awesome.

A suggestion, I hope that holiday items can be upgraded each year. That would be cool to build up my Trick or Treat bag or slowly improve my winter sack year after year.

parsokon's picture
Submitted by parsokon on

I loved Wintersday for entering every time a world of celebration.

For festive doyaks with bags of gifts and magic snow all around, for absolutely lovely winter Lion's Arch. For a whole bunch of fun that you get from gifts every time you unwrap it and never knowing what is waiting for you!

For the fast jumps all way through the snowflakes, candies and gifts! )) And for having fun with snowballs while waiting and watch other people jumps from the start. Like if you are on mansard, waiting and wishing luck to people around.

For playing notes and getting gifts =) 

For you can see and feel Wintersday in familiar and new places! It's all over the Tyria.

The mood of festival, the music around, little minis with their owners, and you can find it all over.. These are all things I've enjoyed the most about Wintersday.. ) I've enjoyed it because every day it makes me and other people smile. 


Arianna Kellborn's picture
Submitted by Arianna Kellborn on

I was totally clueless. I am new to Guild Wars 2, and thought that Tixx's Infiniarium was for higher characters only. I got the gifts around the areas... and now I am reading people's comments and realizing I have apparently missed a great deal! Hoping I have time to make a mini. The mini has got to be cool. Have not done a snowball fight, and I'm not good at the music game, although I like it a lot. 

beatq's picture
Submitted by beatq on

The best addition was the jumping puzzle, still easier then the Mad King but challenging enough. I loved the part that involved all the races, making a more believable happy time in Tyria, is like for a short period everyone forgot about the evil that shadows entire world.

The worst part was the random presents, ruined the WvW for the holiday season.