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December 17, 2012 - 7:14pm -- Xerin
10 Gold Giveaway

No catch.  No skill required.  Here at GW2Hub we're going to be giving away 10 gold every month to one lucky winner. All you need to do is register an account to comment and this month, tell us what you've enjoyed the most about Wintersday.  We'll pick the best answer and send you the money along.  Good luck!

10 Gold Giveaway



ojrac's picture
Submitted by ojrac on

My favorite part about Wintersday: Playing the Bell Choir minigame, and hearing strangers playing their own songs in between rounds. I never expected to play a sandbox Guitar Hero MMO, but apparently that's what GW2 has become!

EDIT: Also, is anyone else really impressed with the thought that went into the music? They had to compose the winter theme song in the same key as the main GW2 theme, or you wouldn't be able to play both of them on the same set of bells. The level of thought ArenaNet puts into little details like that is incredible.

WingedWolf's picture
Submitted by WingedWolf on

What I enjoy most about Wintersday is the random occurrence of mystery gifts out in the non-instanced areas of the game. There's also a general feeling of goodwill amongst players, even moreso than usual. :)

thechosen41's picture
Submitted by thechosen41 on

Snowball fights for sure. Being able to show off my skills at dominating others and evading hits was a satisfaction.

Deathkor's picture
Submitted by Deathkor on

The way the cities are decorated is great. Would expect nothing less. The art team for this game is second to none! keep it up.

Milleniums's picture
Submitted by Milleniums on

I love the music the best, Im happy they changed the music just for the festive occasion. The music gives a cheerful and happy feeling when playing. So does the background and graphics.

Twizzlefizzle's picture
Submitted by Twizzlefizzle on

What I enjoyed most about Wintersday is playing and also teaching other players how to play jingle bells on the bell choir and have a chat with them. Everyone seems to be in the Christmas mood.

LazyBlueGuy's picture
Submitted by LazyBlueGuy on

I like the new dungeon and the snowball fights.

bamba's picture
Submitted by bamba on

I love the bell game, especially the failed attemps.  They're highly amusing, and seeing other players get extremely frustrated, themselves, to the point of rage.  But once things start to work in their favor, their mood really swings around and they're happy and adorable.  I love seeing that, and giving encouragement and telling jokes about my own failures.

I especially love the appearance of wintersday, it's beautiful.  The dungeons are really entertaining, as well.

(just in case) IGN: Rolal

gammarik's picture
Submitted by gammarik on

I love the Snowball fight! So much fun! The Jumping puzzle was the perfect level of difficulty, but i was horrible at the Bell Choir xD

ESamurai's picture
Submitted by ESamurai on

I love the wintersday jumping puzzle, and toymaker tixx's workshop!  The dolls that come out of the presents are way too hard, though.

mkdabra's picture
Submitted by mkdabra on

I really enjoyed the Bell minigame, 'cause the music of the game it's pretty damn good and, when it's not laggy, the minigame it's quite fun. I mean, an 8 button music game, PLEASE, how could not be great?

I should mention as well the snowfights. Not the actual team event, I'm talking about what you can do in Lion's Arch or while you wait to give the jump puzzle another try (and fall instantly and wait again). I find myself enjoying it that much that I didn't even wanted the jump puzzle to start, 'cause nuking a friend with snowballs was so much fun.

luckyjj10's picture
Submitted by luckyjj10 on

My favorite part is the creepy doll toys being creepy.  I can't wait for my own :3

badaza's picture
Submitted by badaza on

So far? The jumping puzzle (even though I haven't been able to complete it yet) and Tixx's dungeon. Also: baby quaggan mini!

Sh1ntu's picture
Submitted by Sh1ntu on

So far my favourite part has surprisingly (to me) been the Snowball Mayhem activity. I've lost hours having fun with all three professions in there, and it's been a while since I've laughed so much in (a form of) PvP. There was one match where both sides had a fair number of Supporters, and eventually it devolved to both sides coming together in the middle and an endless Icy Ground effect making retrieving the present damn near impossible, but oh so funny - Combine that with Ice Walls everywhere and people get trapped in a slippery tomb of chaos.

Bigbucknasty's picture
Submitted by Bigbucknasty on

My guild and I were looking forward to this event due to how much we enjoyed the Halloween one. We were not disappointed. From the new skins, wood ftw, to the new dungeon, to the jumping puzzle, that although people said was easy, gave me a heck of a time. The snowball spvp should be around year round if you ask me. I love the way it takes all the imbalance out of the equation. Being a huge Guitar Hero fan I loved the music event. My only wish is they would introduce more instruments , LotR style.

The best thing about the event though is the goodwill I've seen from the players. People have always seemed to help more in GW2 then other mmo's, but in this event I have seen people helping others on a whole new level. It really gives you hope that maybe the human race isn't doomed.

So here's to another fantastically well planned and thought out event from Anet. I'm sure it's safe to say we are all looking forward to the next, and many more to follow.

arisuaru's picture
Submitted by arisuaru on

My favorite part of Wintersday is definitely Playing the Bell Choir. Not only we have a chance to listen to beautiful melody (even if all players are bad in it, bells are still pleasant to ear), but also we can train how to smoothly change skills and gather our whole concentration on this one, simple moment.

It's especially nice, when 3 good players gather together. Sometimes I just stay close to their stage to listen to melody. 

Personally, my favorite bells are middle ones. Somehow their melody is the most beautiful for me.

And, hey, it's fun when you fail and instead of getting throwed out of game, you can just wait for next turn, which starts in few seconds. :)

Raevyn's picture
Submitted by Raevyn on

I was surprised at how much fun it is to throw snowballs at people in between tries at the jumping puzzle. Rather than making me more frustrated when I fail, it makes me giggle at the two or three of us haphazardly flinging around snowballs and knocking one another over. There's a little bit of strategy and a lot of camaraderie. The game is a better place for having silly fun like this in it.

spanthegnome's picture
Submitted by spanthegnome on

The jumping puzzle is probably the best thing so far. It's not as crazy as the Halloween puzzle, but it is still a nice challenge.

Shiilo's picture
Submitted by Shiilo on

Sitting in LA with the choir bells I've spent so many socks on playing Wintersday music!


henrylkr's picture
Submitted by henrylkr on

The Snowball arena. Oh, and the baby quaggan minipet.... CoooOOOooo....

itsshortstuff's picture
Submitted by itsshortstuff on

i think the best thing about wintersday is hanging with the guildies kickin some toy butt =) i also looooove the bell choir minigame, gh and rb didnt go to waste!

titangreg's picture
Submitted by titangreg on

The presents in the explorable areas and the beautiful decoration of LA are definitely my favourite things so far but i do love the dungeon and the christmasy feeling the whole game has at the moment 

Daghi's picture
Submitted by Daghi on

I've enjoyed the new dungeon and the new pets the most (specifically Foostivoo the Merry) I love this little guy!

kesarin's picture
Submitted by kesarin on

I think the thing I like most about Wintersday is the general environment of the holiday - the cities (especially Lion's Arch) are so transformed, but none of it feels out of place or forced.  The environment is so well done that the idea of having a holiday, and magical snow for snowmen, and everything else fees like a natural part of the game.  I also love that the loading screens for the minigames and decorated Lion's Arch fit with the style of the other loading screens.  Again, it just makes the idea of a holiday feel so much more natural and integrated into the playing experience.

Holmesymcgee's picture
Submitted by Holmesymcgee on

My favorite thing about Wintersday would definitely have to be the jumping puzzle. I'm usually not that good at them, but everything about it is great, the atmosphere, the music, all the visuals, etc. It's great. 


Oh, also, gotta love the festive quaggans.

UncommonCalibur's picture
Submitted by UncommonCalibur on

I love the Winters Day event simply because It did not feel like Christmas to me this year for some reason. I figured I was getting older and am no longer a kid so it was just bound to happen. As soon as I jumped into Lions Arch and started playing the event though, I felt like a kid and I really appreciated that.

enemene's picture
Submitted by enemene on
It has to be the ugly sweaters, right? The amount of thought given to this Wintersday event, or should I say events, is incredible. I really appreciate all the work done for these extra content. I haven't even tried then all yet, but am blown away with the detail so far. The game is great anyway, but when they add things like Wintersday in, my level of excitement and anticipation just goes up that much more. Keep it up Arenanet!

toth16's picture
Submitted by toth16 on

My favourite part about wintersday is the entire event. I like Tixx's airship and how it involves all the cities this time. I just realized that DR is much more beautiful and better of a place to hang out than LA. I love the bell choir mini game, it's really fun and sounds amazing. All i want is an unbreakable bell choir and my life will be complete! (Not seriously, but pretty close to being complete).

kikosho's picture
Submitted by kikosho on
The snowball fight while waiting to do the jumping puzzle for sure.

Clove.Zolan's picture
Submitted by Clove.Zolan on

The bells mini-game! A non-violent, self-competing music game... be still my heart. In a time when we hear a lot about "violent video games", I'm excited that Anet is 1) giving us reasons to fight beyond brutality and 2) ways of affecting the world beyond our weapons. Excuse me while I go make sweet, sweet holiday music.

mgraham6681's picture
Submitted by mgraham6681 on

Any skepticism I had toward the choir bell addition was gone by the second time I played it. Now I can't wait to get home and load it up. 

Lasero's picture
Submitted by Lasero on

For me, who enjoys running around doing anything random that comes my way, the greatest addition were the world-wide gifts. The first couple days I spent almost all my time running from one gift to the next, opening them up in hopes of getting two presents and instead getting slaughtered by the toys. The fights with the Vitari were difficult but fun and I even managed to finish my monthly achievement on the first day of the event XP. I just really enjoyed rediscovering zones previously visited by my character, with little extra reward on the side.

While I loved every other Wintersday addition as well, the one that I enjoyed the most after the gifts was the puzzle. At first I could not get the hang of it, but as someone who finished the Mad Clock Tower, I eventually got into the rhythm of the puzzle and done it with even some time to spare. After that I redid the puzzle a few times just to look at the scenery and immerse myself in it. Also I finally turned up (to the max) my graphics and the game looked dazzling (literally) so I grabbed a ton of screenshots of my Asura standing on the little castle at the end of the puzzle, overlooking the scenery.

Really, I love this game, and every update fills me with joy as I can clearly see all the effort ArenaNet put into those updates. There are of course flaws, but no game is perfect, and as long as ArenaNet and the community of Guild Wars 2 strive to rid the game of those flaws together, I will keep on playing this lovely game. I love this update and hope to see many more Wintersdays in the future! :P

vymlon's picture
Submitted by vymlon on

I really enjoy the whole package, not only the things ArenaNet have added, but also the spirit of the community getting together and enjoying it all with each other. Me and my friends have been trying our best to celebrate Wintersday, by playing christmas songs, having friendly snowball fights and have had a lot of fun in Tixx's Infinirarium.

All in all, best Wintersday so far! :)

Odranoel's picture
Submitted by Odranoel on

I really enjoyed the little mini game the most, it's just so much fun to play it with friends, it's like a friendly, cute pvp match that's just hilarious! :D <3

chocopudding's picture
Submitted by chocopudding on

My favorite part is the decorations and the overall festive mood. I live in a tropical place so the in-game atmosphere is awesome to me. 

Naider's picture
Submitted by Naider on

Foostivoo the Merry by a mile! just so adorable, and totally worth every penny it took to get :)

uropygid's picture
Submitted by uropygid on

I think my favourite part is just how the world was redecorated for the holiday spirit! From the random patches of snow to Lion's Arch... and how many people have changed their armour colours to match the festive season. :)

chimcharaapje's picture
Submitted by chimcharaapje on

My favorite feature is by far the jumping puzzle. I just can't have enough of those.

ashlaran's picture
Submitted by ashlaran on

i totally love the snowballfight! the best thing really is choosing some sort of class and getting even extra skills for that. the musical thing is awesome too, mainly because people tend to create their own songs. overall i just like the minigame style of everything, so besides the usual daily stuff you can chillout and relax ingame with friends and strangers. 

Chino capaldi's picture
Submitted by Chino capaldi on

Sincerely what i enjoyed most from wintergrasp event , was spending tons and tons of hours trying to acomplish the lions arch event of the jumping puzzle, even if i hadnt make it( ironic)

lordciaho's picture
Submitted by lordciaho on

Hmmm... I like everything so far. The Christmas Cheer, player ringing bells, snowball fights in which I suck by the way but still enjoy them. Gathering Stinking socks, Gifts and the Tixx's dungeon. Players seem to be more friendly. The atmosphere in Lion's Arch is magnificent. I like to go there and simply feed my eyes with it's beauty. GW2 artist did a splendid job! Never have my senses been so satisfied while playing an MMORPG. Also, I can see how much hard work has been put into that game and every event so far, so concluding I want to say that it was worth waiting so many years for this game. Thank you for satisfying my expectations.

Toga McGurga's picture
Submitted by Toga McGurga on
The focus on each capital city has been my favourite part of Wintersday. I've always felt they had been somewhat ignored so seeing them alive and full of players again, even just for the day that Tixx is visiting them, has made the event just that bit more special for me.

Loddy's picture
Submitted by Loddy on

I like the whole Event :)

Everythig is just sooo amazing. You walk arround Lions Arch everything is decorateted so amazing!

Here a flying snowball, there a x-mas-tree! :)

Everybody seams more friendly than ever. Than Tixx on his journey across Tyria. New Dungeon every day. Cuddeling litte Toy Puppets going crazy :)

Just soooo amazing!

Cant name a spezial part of Wintersday. It all together makes me so happy!


EnhasanDreamer's picture
Submitted by EnhasanDreamer on

I have loved that everyone has been gathering in all the different major cities and celebrating together!

I also love the communal feeling you see in the jumping puzzle! Everyone cheers each other on and says wonderful things and throws snowballs =D It's super festive there!

BrownFang Harbinger's picture
Submitted by BrownFang Harbinger on

Undoubtedtly, the most wonderful thing about Wintersday thus far is the general inclusiveness of the design coupled with the dispersion of event features. Unlike previous special events, Wintersday has not been marred by server crushing lag due to short-sighted design. That makes everyone happy. Plus, the entire event isn't designed to divide the community into "those who were there and are ravenous for end-game content" versus "people who like to play Guild Wars; but, don't have an interest in being the firstest, fastest, finest."

I've found it much easier to overlook the minor flaws with the event and simply enjoy the content, especially with guildies who may not be on for 4-10 hours a day. Being able to experience the content with a character of any level is a boon that binds the community together. It can even be the basis for forging new relationships with other players. Plus, it gives guilds more to build their own activities around.

Even with the progressing difficulty so far, Wintersday has done a better job of being an inviting, inclusive challenge than any other special event the game has had so far. From the tiny whimsy of Magic Snow snowball fights throughout the world, to the large cooperative arena fun of Tixx's Infinirarium, ArenaNet really got it more right this time than ever before.

grimlock16's picture
Submitted by grimlock16 on

What i have liked so far about Wintersday in GW2 is the non time sensitive dungeons to collect parts to build minis.  I just built my first one today, Mini Toy Ventari, and i'm liking it very much. I even got a skin for my staff to become a toy staff.  I'm still working on holiday attire.