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Snowball Mayhem Guide

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December 15, 2012 - 5:08am -- Xerin
Snowball Mayhem


The key objective of Snowball Mayhem is for each team to return "Gifts" back to their home point well to score points, with the first team to 500 determined the winner. When players collects a gift their skill bar is removed until the bundle is dropped. It should be noted that the gift spawns aren't always in the same location and some will appear closer to a team point than others, meaning teams will need to spread their players if they are to be as successful as possible.

After speaking to the Asura in Lions Arch (he's sat on a barrel) you will be transported inside the snow globe and allocated to either the Red or Blue team. Once inside you'll be presented with a choice of three 'professions' (Scout, Heavy Gunner and Support) with each playing a key role in the game mode.  Players are free to change profession at any point during the match-up but must return to the home point to do so. Each profession also has a sixth in replace of the heal which tends to be offensive.

Snowball Mayhem


The scout, as you would expect, is the quickest of all the 'professions'. It plays similarly to the thief in the sense its attacks are quick and provide evasive and swiftness inducing effects. The scout also has the ability to disappear in stealth through the use of Snowblind and can deal a huge chunk of damage to enemies with Sniper Shot if you can stay still long enough to make use of it.


Quick Shot: A standard auto attack available for all professions which has a range of 900. 

Evasive Shot: Akin to the thief, using Evasive Shot will see you jump backwards after your attack. 

Rapid Fire: Your profession will unleash a volley of snowballs in rapid succession.  It should be noted that the accuracy of Rapid Fire is poor, so it's best to use it at close range for maximum impact.

Sniper Shot: A long ranged channeled skill, Sniper Shot deals a large amount of damage but you are unable to move while charging it. The skill will deal more damage the longer you charge it so if possible try to maximize the duration.

Snowblind: Using this skill will stealth your character but also blind those around you, allowing you to flank or escape with relative ease.  You should be careful when you use it however as it has a long cooldown.

Profession Specific: The sixth skill is unique to each profession and will depend entirely on which you are.  As an Elementalist for example you summon an Ice Elemental, or as a Mesmer you'll summon a snow clone. 

Heavy Gunner

The Heavy Gunner is the equivalent of Team Fortress 2's and is capable of soaking up a large amount of damage but similarly to TF2's counterpart, is incredibly slow to move when its weapon is drawn.  While you have your weapon drawn, your character will move at walking pace which makes combat feel incredibly sluggish.  Luckily you can stow your weapon away while moving from point-to-point removing some of the burden. Unlike the other professions the Heavy Gunner will heal himself when his weapon is drawn.


Fire Snowball: A standard auto attack available for all professions which has a range of 1000. 

Powder Spray: A short range conal attack that hits all enemies in front of the Heavy for moderate damage.

Jump Shot: Identical to the Engineers rifle skill, this ground targeted attack allows you to leap a great distance and plummet down on your foes below.  It hits hard and is capable of dealing AoE damage to those around you.

Overcharged Shot: Providing a ground targeted knockback, Overcharged Shot sends a huge ice boulder towards the enemy and will impact anyone it hits.

Defensive Bubble: Similar to a guardians, the Defensive Bubble does just what it says on the tin: it stops projectiles for you and your team mates.  Be careful when you choose to use it however as it has a long cooldown.


I would consider the Support profession similar to a staff elementalist (sort-of) with its use of ground targeted spells and long range attacks.  As the profession name suggests, it has an array of skills designed to aid your team mates and slow the progress of the opposing team. It is without doubt my favorite of all the three. 


Quick Shot: A standard auto attack available for all professions which has a range of 1200. 

Healing Breeze: Another conal attack but unlike the Heavy's, this heals all allies within its range (including yourself) and provides 5 seconds of regeneration. 

Icy Ground: One of the most annoying skills to be hit with, Icy Ground will knock opponents to the ground the moment they touch it. As it's ground targeted and has a long range, it really is formidable in the right hands, especially to stop present carriers escaping or to protect your own.

Ice Wall: The ability to block a players movements should never be underestimated which is why Ice Wall is so useful.  With a range of 900 the skill will summon quite a short wall that players will have to navigate around.  Having several support professions use this skill at the same time allows you to chain block player progress to great effect.

Snowroll: Last but certainly not least is Snowroll that has to be the biggest "troll" skill in the entire game.  Turning the support profession into a giant snowball, you can freely control its movement and will knock back players you touch.  There is no limit on the amount of knock backs a player can suffer, so for its entire duration you can continue to pummel someone repeatedly.  Incredibly annoying but ever so brilliant. 


There are two achievements available in Snowball Mayhem, with both counting towards the Apprentice Toy Maker title.

Gift Bringer:  You need to return 5 gifts to your team’s base to complete this achievement – 15 Achievement Points

Gift Stopper: You need to down 5 enemy Gift carriers- 15 achievements

It should be noted that you have to be the one landing the last hit to down the gift carrier, otherwise it does not count. 


Yski's picture
Submitted by Yski on

The last skill, Ice Elemental depends on your profession.

Engineers have a snowman turret that shoots snowballs and can be blown up when the engineer feels like it, necromancers have a mark that doesn't seem to be working (last checked yesterday) and thieves have a trap that slows enemies. I'm pretty sure mesmers have a clone skill of some kind, and I'd guess Ice Elemental is for elementalists?

I think I also saw a warrior use a charge skill of some sort, but I really have no idea about guardian and ranger.

Anyway, you might want to add the other profession specific skills in, or at least mention they exist. smiley

Every single forum I've used to spread anti guardian propaganda has subsequently died out on me. Coincidence? I think not!

Lewis B's picture
Submitted by Lewis B on

Ahh right, I didn't realise it was profession specific as I'd only played it on my Elementalist :) Let me tidy that up! 

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Submitted by Wedge7 on

What Yski said. The 6th skill is a profession-specific skill. Skills 1-5 are based on whether you choose scout, heavy gunner, or support, 6 is dependent on your profession, and 7-9 choose which role to be at the start of the match. During the match, you can hit 0 (elite skill slot button) to teleport back to base to choose a different role. 

I enjoyed the snowball fights, and played mostly as a scout. Managed to get my 5 presents delivered and 5 carriers stopped achievements yesterday. However, I don't think I'll be playing the snowball fights again this holiday. I found all the games I was in too lopsided, with the losing team often having a score of less than 100.

I actually prefer the original Guild Wars snowball fights of Grenth vs Dwayna. I remember one eventful evening / night / morning, where I was in a super successful team, and we won 50 games in a row. That was great fun! Unfortunately, the gamer title track wasn't in existence then >< 

Ian Smith's picture
Submitted by Ian Smith on

You might want to read Innuendo's preview on Wintersday before making a guide.  It would seem he knows more than you.  ;) 

As far as the event goes, I have enjoyed the hell out of it so far.  This pvp is awesome and I 'm not even much of a pvp-er.  I am a little saddened it doesn't reward glory though.  I find myself wondering if it had, would it have encouraged others, like me, to get into the sPvP scene.  Also, I think a Capture the Flag (I think that it what this mode is?) mode using the existing maps wouldn't be to hard to implement but then I don't know much about coding.