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The original Guild Wars 2 portal on Ten Ton Hammer launched in the early summer of 2010. At the time it was the first dedicated site for GW2 hosted on a major gaming network, MMOG or otherwise. Since that point, Ten Ton Hammer's GW2 portal has remained a leading source for news, interviews, and industry event coverage.

In early 2012, Managing Editor Reuben "Sardu" Waters began work on a reboot of Ten Ton Hammer's original Guild Wars 2 portal. Rebranded as Guild Wars 2 Hub, the site has been completely rebuilt from the ground up to provide a richer community experience, and a better platform for providing unique news, features, and guides for Guild Wars 2.

Current Staff:


Reuben Waters

Alias: Sardu
Site Lead - Guild Wars 2 Hub
Managing Editor - Ten Ton Hammer


Kurt Barlow

Alias: Barlow
News Editor
Fifth Rank Cardboard Swordsmith